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Edline: Friend or foe?

Chesapeake, my hometown, introduced Edline for its schools a few years ago, and at first I was thrilled. I could go online every day and make sure my children were handing in homework and preparing for upcoming tests and projects. Everything was right there: Assignments for each class and grades, and their up-to-date overall grades.
Sadly, I’m not so thrilled with Edline anymore. Some of my kids’ teachers do not post assignments as they’retold to by their principals; they don’t input grades often; and they seem a tad annoyed when I gently ask if maybe they did try to update their info but there was a system glitch. (I swear I’m nice about this…sometimes waiting two or three weeks to ask about updates (they’re supposed to update every Wednesday)).
Other teachers are wonderful about Edline — posting what they’re “supposed to”AND classnotes and messages to parents about related, outside learning opportunities.I say thank you tothese teachers — and wonder if they can encourage their not-so-Edline-friendly co-workers to do the same. I know they are busy and working hard in the classroom, and I promise that Iwilldo my best to lighten their load bygetting my kids ready to learn and doing their work to support them, the teachers.
Edline can be *the* line that brings together the needed learning triangle,with the studentthetop spotandthe teacher and the parent at the bottom corners — if only every teacher will connect thosedots with this basic technology.


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