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Birth Plan 101

Do I really need a birth plan? If you are an easygoing expectant mom with the goal of having a healthy baby, then no it might not be for you. But for the rest of us with opinions and preferences on how we would like our birth experience to go, a birth plan is crucial for educating your team on what those preferences are. Your plan can be simple or overly detailed in areas such as potential medical interventions, recovery, pain management and breast feeding.
The key to a successful birth plan is the understanding that all things may not go as planned. You have chosen your doctor because you feel confident in his/her ability to welcome your new baby into this world in the best way possible for overall health and safety.

Here are a few resources we hope you find helpful.

– Tips on creating your birth plan from the American Pregnancy Association

– Birth Plan Worksheet

– Pregnancy & Baby Interactive Checklist


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