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How can we calm her fears?

My daughter is going to middle school for the first time and is nervous and apprehensive. How can we calm her fears?

Transition over time

First, make sure YOU aren’t nervous about the transition. My daughter can always sense when something is wrong long before we tell her.

Second, have a get together with her friends and their parents soon before school starts to make this transition fun. Another parent did that when our second child was entering middle school. It was fun and the kids were able to make a plan on where to meet on the first few days to support each other.

Ellie McBride
Mother to three children

Talk about it

My daughter was the same way. We talked about why she was feeling nervous. I found out that it had a lot to do with her clothes and how she looks. So we made outfits with older clothes along with some new pieces for the first weeks. It was fun for both of us.

Ginny Newport
Mother to one daughter

Be positive

Everyone hates middle school. I know I did. But I try not to let my daughter know it just yet. I want her to have her own experience and not be prejudiced by mine. Make sure you acknowledge her feelings and give a lot of support. Since this is your daughter, I would recommend the book Queen Bees and Wannabees by Rosalind Wiseman. It is a great book on how girls interact and in middle school that interaction sometimes trumps the education that they are there for.

Alisa Freeman
Mother to two children
Virginia Beach

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