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Tips on How to Create a Registry

Written by Rachael Brenneis

Written by Rachael Brenneis

Creating a baby registry can be stressful for a first time parent, but it doesn’t have to be! It can be a bit overwhelming to walk into a store and see the thousands of baby products and gear especially if your expecting your first child. I have two boys ages 5 and 17months here are some things I wish I’d have known before I had my oldest.

1. The first thing I would do is to think about and discuss some of the major baby decisions before heading out to the store. Do some research and ask parents you respect their opinions about feeding options, sleeping arrangements, and diapering. There are many other decisions you will have to make once your child arrives but these are what I consider to be most important in those first few weeks and months.


2. Breastfeeding or formula? Once you have decided what is best for your family you can begin to research different products you’d like to try. Try is the keyword here. You may register for a whole set of bottles or a certain breastfeeding pillow only to realize it doesn’t work for you and your baby. That’s OK and perfectly normal! I would suggest registering for a couple of different bottle options or breastfeeding pillows so you can decide after the baby is born which type you prefer.


3. Another widely debated topic is where your little one will sleep. You may not have realized before becoming pregnant that there are many options including a traditional crib, bassinet, pack n play, and co sleeping. Be warned that you may decide on a crib and outfit that crib with the cutest bedding only to bring home an infant who hates sleeping in that beautiful crib. (Speaking from personal experience here) Our family believes in and practices co-sleeping. It’s a bit controversial and is definitely not for every family but can be practiced safely! Even if co-sleeping is not for you I would highly recommend a product that allows you to keep the baby in your room with you for the first few months at least. Infants require around the clock attention and your life will be a lot easier if your baby is within arms reach. Bassinets and Pack N Plays are nice options.


4. Diapers, wipes, and changing tables oh my! OK, that was a little dramatic, but you will spend hours of your day diapering your baby’s cute little bum. You have so many choices in diapers but the biggest decision will be disposable or cloth. Honestly, I wish I’d have know more about cloth diapers before my oldest was born. Many of us have preconceived notions about what a cloth diaper looks like or the effort it takes to use them. Let me tell you from experience its so much easier, cost effective, and cuter than you think! I highly suggest going to Diaper Junction to check out your options if you are local to Hampton Roads. They are located in VA Beach and even offer a free cloth diapering 101 class. We should all be concerned with the type of planet our children will be left with. Current research states that a disposable diaper will sit in a landfill for 500 years! Know your options and choose wisely.

5. So you’ve made some big decisions about your parenting ideals, now the fun part, registering! You have so many options in places you can register and you can create a registry for your baby at multiple stores if you like. My personal favorites are Target, Babies R Us, Diaper Junction and

6. Spread the word (have a baby shower!)to family and friends to let them know where you are registered and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!

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