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Product Review: totseat by Svan

By: Amber Heckler

By: Amber Heckler

If you are anything like me, then you will do whatever it takes to make outings with your little loves easier. So when I was asked to review the totseat, I knew I had nothing to lose… a product that’s supposed to make my life easier, I’m in. The totseat is essentially a portable seat restraint for your child that doesn’t require a highchair or a booster seat. It comes in a convenient little bag that makes traveling with the totseat easier for the busy momma (or dadda) on the go.

totseat bag

When you open the bag, you will find two pieces. One is a long strip of fabric that you initially fit around the chair back, and the other is one that goes over top of the chair and around your little bundle of joy.


step 2









I like to give myself the benefit of the doubt and claim that I’m a pretty “typical” parent, so I feel no guilt telling you that I did not read the instruction manual for the totseat- not ahead of time, nor at the time we used it at the restaurant we went to. I don’t even think to this day that I’ve read it. The point is not that I can’t read, but that the totseat was very user-friendly and easy to set up. Even for a parent on the go, who can’t seem to find 1 minute to read a manual with a cute baby on it. See below:

cute baby

The totseat also has two cut outs that can go over the corner of the chair you are using, which made me feel a little more confident that indeed, this product may be able to contain my child safely.

cut outs









After those two (super) easy steps, we were ready to roll. It was the moment of truth: time to insert a little being into the self proclaimed “cloth highchair.” Transition to quick back-story: My daughter Quinn is 15 months old and teething like it’s her job and she is getting paid overtime for it. Quinn has recently become very good at running, and dislikes strongly being forced to remain stationary for any period of time that exceeds 23 seconds. That’s pretty much it for Quinn; you’re now all caught up. We sat her down on the totseat, and while my husband kept close watch on her, I headed to the backside of the chair to fasten her in. The top of the backside of the totseat has a designated loop for the belt to go through. The belt section is completely adjustable, so you can certainly tighten or loosen the totseat to suit your little bundle’s needs.









So all in all, we had the totseat set up and in use within 2 minutes, and that’s without reading the manual. I’m certain that since we’ve used it before, that the next time we use it, we will come in under 45 seconds. And that time frame is certainly doable, especially if you have squirmy little ones like we do. Despite the overwhelming photographic evidence below, Quinn enjoyed being in a “big chair” versus being in a typical highchair.

Q Collage

I really think that sitting at everyone else’s level made her feel even more involved in the dining festivities. She was very secure in the totseat, and when the clock hit 24 seconds and she started squirming to get up and run around, the totseat showed no signs of giving in to her toddler demands. Her daddy on the other hand is a completely different story, especially once this started to happen:


All in all, I found the totseat easy and quick to set up, and what’s more important, I found it to be safe and effective. When we were done with dinner, we packed it back in the travel bag, and tossed it into the vastness of our diaper bag, and were on our way. The totseat would be a great option for those restaurants that don’t have highchair or booster seat options available and it would also be handy to keep in your car for when those situations pop up and you may need it; for example dining at a friends’ house who doesn’t have a highchair.

Want to give it a try, purchase it here for $33.99.

Enter to win this and other fun products here!

We’d love to hear your biggest challenges when it comes to dining out with your littles. What steps do you take to overcome your families’ dining out obstacles?



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