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New Dad Blog: Dad in Pursuit of Preggie Pops

Ryan, Tidewater Parent Blogger

Ryan, Tidewater Parent Blogger

If you or your pregnant partner (in my case, my 11-week pregnant wife) is suffering from morning sickness, you’ll probably hear about these things. They are marketed as “a natural and organic remedy developed by health care professionals,” according to the Three Lollies site, the maker of this product.

They come in two forms, either on a stick (like a lollipop) or as a candy you suck on (like a Jolly Rancher®).

With my pregnant wife, who is also a teacher, (a job not conducive to frequent restroom trips to vomit), suffering from morning sickness I thought, “Great, where can I pick these up?” (Our stockpile of pregnancy products is a little thin at this point.)

Where do I find them?

Let me save you some time and energy. You can find them in a dozen stores online, but the only places I found them in-store were Babies R Us and Motherhood Maternity. Target, Walmart, Walgreens and the local grocery stores do not carry them. Trust me, I looked (at 6:30 in the morning, mind you, but more about that later.)

The Three Lollies Web site does have a store finder for them if you want to check that out. But be sure to call ahead because I found about half of these stores were no longer in business.

Do they work?

Many people swear by them, as you can see from their testimonials and any Google search. For my wife, they helped a little, but by no means were they a cure. In fact one evening we were at a restaurant, and WHILE she was sucking on a Preggie Pops drop, she had to make a sudden dash to the ladies room to vomit. Definitely didn’t work that time. But since then, the sickness has been more manageable when she uses them. Some people online said they had same effect from any hard candy, but these do have ginger (a known nausea aid) in them, so they may be more apt to work than a Life Savers®.

If you have morning sickness, at only $4.99 for a carton of them, they’re worth a shot.

Now if you’ll allow me a short rant, here’s what I had to do to get a pack for my wife.

Being a first-time expectant father, I’m inherently an idiot. It’s not because I try to be, but like a teen learning to drive (hands clinched to the steerling wheel death-grip style), I don’t know any better.

I trudge out at 6:30 in the morning like Elmer Fudd – ambitious, overzealous and clueless. Without the slightest idea of even what a “Preggie Pop” is, (I’m narrowing it down to the pharmaceutical aisle, the baby aisle and possibly the frozen foods section since “pop” could mean “Popcicle®”, right?)

I start at the grocery store, and after racing up and down aisle after aisle, I found they don’t carry them.

So off to Walmart. Of course the electronic doors don’t work, so I manually pull them open. Don’t be too impressed, I saw an employee do it 30 seconds ahead of me, so I followed suit. Except I didn’t fully close the inside door, which earned me a headshake from the unimpressed greeter. (Sorry Mr. Greeter, don’t mean to be rude, I’m just an idiot on a mission.) I check the pharmacy and come up empty. So I race to the baby aisle. No luck. I inquire of one of the male attendants. He gives me a quizzical look of “what is that?” I have to be honest and admit, “I don’t really know. Somebody just told me about it.”

I race out of Walmart, with a quick stop at the frozen foods section in case it is a Popsicle. One last stop at the drug store, which makes strike 3. And now I need to rush home or I’ll be late for work.

Later in my car, I’m thinking in my head how I will tell my poor pregnant wife that I have nothing to help her with her sickness, when…

Stop… a flock of Canada geese decide this intersection is a good place to hang out. I honk my horn, which they apparently interpret as my asking them for an escort down the road. Naturally the question crosses my mind, “Do geese have morning sickness?” (I’m assuming that since they don’t give birth to live young, it’s probably not an issue.)

Fast-forward to my lunch hour, I figure I’d check some of the shops on the store finder page. Drive to one, and it’s closed. Try a second, same thing. As I search online, every one I pick seems to be closed.

So I call ahead to Babies R Us, I’m told they have them (I later confirmed this, they are in the second aisle of the baby section.) Probably should’ve called in the first place. But I guess I’m determined to learn the hard way – and I have A LOT to learn, I know.

–  Ryan Blogger

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