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We Are Family: The Bropez Family

Family Name:
The Bropez Family

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Name:
Rachel Broussard and Vanessa Broussard

Felix Lopez(17), Gabriela Lopez(12), Drew Broussard (7), Evan Broussard (3)

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Career:
Rachel Broussard: U.S. Air Force Nurse
Vanessa Broussard: GS Nurse, Labor and Delivery

Family and Chilren’s Extra Curricular Activities (what do you like to do for fun)
Go to the Beach, longboard, soccer, volleyball, gymnastics, hang out at the house….

Photo by Two Spoons Photography

How do you define family?
Family is inclusive of all those sharing the same love, respect, sacrifice, and reliance upon one another. It is not necessarily bound by blood; rather the experiences and commitment to each member.

What are some obstacles or adversity your family has faced?
The social stigma of what a ”normal” family should look like. We are two parents with four beautiful children. The idea of being ”accepted” or tolerated is an infectious undertone in many conversations. We have had to educate our children on the expectations of society and social norms of many communities. It is difficult to teach children that some will judge their family for something that seems inherently normal to them. The recent marriage of Vanessa and I has confirmed to our children the importance the love and commitment to each other and our family in the face of adversity.

Do you have any special traditions?
Once a week ice cream after school. Watch Modern Family together. ( WE SO IDENTIFY WITH THAT SHOW)

If money and time was no object, what would be your perfect family vacation?
Disney cruise!!!!!

What has been your best family vacation and why?
In October we will take our first family vacation!!!! We feel it is an important one because our oldest will leave the house soon 🙁 .

If you wrote a book about your family, what would the title be?
The ”REAL” Modern Family

bropez2Photo by Two Spoons Photography

What is the best advice you’ve given your kids thus far?
Always, no matter what, tell the truth.

What is the most surprising thing you’ve learned from your kids?
Forgiveness! Children, especially at young ages, are not able to hold a grudge. They are open to love and have incredible abilities to forgive each other.

What is the best/oddest/worst unsolicited advice you’ve received from a stranger? (example: pregnancy advice, family advice, parenting advice, etc.)
We are not sure yet if it is the best or the worst….” Don’t have anymore kids”

What would you like for people to know about your family?
We have our ups and our downs. We scream, we cry, and we laugh….but we love and accept each other!

All images courtesy of Two Spoons Photography

Every family has a story. It’s been said that “there is no such thing as a perfect family…each is unique in its strengths and weaknesses.” We know our Tidewater families have unique and interesting stories to tell – stories of overcoming challenges and redefining “normal.” We want to hear yours. Answer any or all of the following questions, submit a few photos, and we may choose your family to appear in our “We are Family” profile series on Submit your story here.

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