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DIY: How To Make A Rag Garland

Rag garland photos are all over Pinterest right now! Whether you want to make one as decor for a room or for a holiday added touch, the options are truly endless!  I wanted to make one for the corner of my daughter’s playroom – here is how I did it!


You will need a long ribbon (or yarn, or string) cut to the desired length of your garland.


You will also need fabric strips in any pattern or color you want.  I found these “Jellies” at my local Hancock Fabric Store. They came conveniently pre-cut in 2.5 in x 42 in strips, which saved me a ton of time.  You want your strips to be at least 2 in wide, but you can play with the length depending on how you want your garland to look.


I chose to cut these strips in half making them each exactly 2.5 in x 21 in.



Lay the ribbon down flat in front of you. Fold over one strip of fabric and place it underneath the ribbon.


Take the bottom parts of the strip and bring it up to the right side of the loop, going over the ribbon.


Pull the fabric through the loop to make a knot over the ribbon. You will want to hold down on the ribbon so that you can make the knot as tight as you can. (You can loosen the knot for a whole other look!)



Repeat the knots along the ribbon until you reach the desired length of the garland.


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