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New Dad Blog: The Tale of Aladdin and the Dreadful Birth Plan

By Ryan, Blogger

By Ryan, Blogger

Two of us sitting cross-legged on a blanket, pillows as cushions underneath us, counting the seconds that go by. As a kid I used to play games that looked just like this. Back then the blanket was a magic carpet, and I was Aladdin, and we were searching for the magic lamp that held the genie that would grant us our wishes. And we were going to be rich, and things were going to be easy from then on out.

But now I’m in a whole new world.

It changed the moment my wife told me she was opting for NATURAL childbirth. Of course the real change happened as soon as we found out she was pregnant, but it was only about a month ago that the realization that this baby would have to come out of her began to sink in. Doing it naturally of course means we’re going without the safety blanket of modern medicine.

And that means one long A-Laboring Nightttt…(cue the music to Aladdin’s Arabian Nights.)

Of course like most dads-to-be, I become “coach.” Coach is like a teacher without any real certification or accreditation. But the responsibility is real, because while she’s in this crazy, sweaty, exhausting, screaming, inverted tug-of-war, my job is to be her rock. I’m the holder and proclaimer of the birth plan. I’m the carrier of the hospital bag treasury. I’m the counter of breathes and the monitor of contractions. I am the fetcher of water and ice chips — the never-tiring gopher that fetches things with only a word or an incoherent sound to direct me on my way.

But just like the story of Aladdin, a tale of this magnitude has many more characters.

So let me share this whole new world with you.

Cast of characters: (Note, all photos are from the Disney Wiki site.)

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Aladdin: the man I hope to be on the day of delivery. Bold, and ever confident in the situation. Able to face danger and guide the young princess through pit and peril without dropping my hat or losing my cool.

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