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Tablet Fun With Interactive Whiteboards Apps

By Papa Techie

By Papa Techie

We all love to hang out on our tablets and in this case I’ll be speaking to the iPad mainly but there are similar APPS available in the Google Play, Amazon Marketplace and Android Store. What is an Interactive Whiteboard APP anyways? Well it is a digital version of a classroom whiteboard and magic marker simply put.

Traditionally these whiteboards have been most dominant in the teaching classroom but since the low cost point and conversion to digital they have found many different uses outside that environment. Below is a fun example of “Stick Figure Story Time” that you can sit down with your kids and create a story on your own. These apps allow you to set your frames up in advance with pictures or drawings and then you record your voice as you draw then play it back. As you see from the video it doesn’t even matter if you can draw very well what you are after is a fun time with your little ones and some interactive creative brainstorming with them.


Here are some of the popular White Board APPS for the iPad worth checking out. Some are free and some cost a few dollars but you can use them for teaching, for work, for notes, for recipes, for cartoons, for slide shows, drawing and so much more.

Explain Everything: $2.99
I used this for the video and found it to be the most in depth of all the ones below. It does have a slight learning curve but offers the most features with import/export and other tools. You can export video, PDF, Image or project to various cloud, photo or Evernote.

ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard: Free
This is very easy to use and understand but has limited tools in the box when compared to Explain Everything. It caters more to Social Sharing with files you create so a Plus on that side but a minus for lack of other export. If you don’t mind creating an account to share then free isn’t that bad.

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard: Free
This on is very close to the ShowMe APP above. I really think that they are very close to identical. If you like to participate in communities and see what other IWB are out there you may want to check this one and the ShowMe APP out.

DoodleCast Pro: $4.99
Another great paid option with lots of features, tools and import/export options. If you need something a little more robust because you discovered you like doing IWB then you may want to consider this one. It seems to only export in video but you can send to your photos, DropBox or email.

Doceri Interactive Whiteboard: Free ($4.99 to remove watermark)
This one is the most competitive to the Explain Everything APP previously mentioned. It has a export features like video and PDF. It also has a palm rejection slider at the bottom in case you are the type that rests your hand on the screen.

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