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My IKEA Spice Rack Hack

On Saturday, some friends and I took a road trip to Woodbridge to visit one of the greatest places on earth — IKEA!!! We each had our list in hand (one even had the IKEA app) as we spent countless hours walking through showroom after showroom of amazing awesomeness!

Here is me taking a break after hour number 4 and several hundred pounds of heavy lifting!


One of the items on my list was inspired by my endless Pinterest addiction, the BEKVÄM Spice Rack! I’ve seen many people mount them to the wall or a dresser to hold children’s books and I made it my mission to do the same!


For $3.99 a piece, I picked up four and threw them into the cart with excitement. My plan was to hang two of them in our kids reading nook and the other two in my bathroom to hold all my toiletries. (They have this way of running wild all over the counter each day!) Once I was home, it didn’t take long at all to assemble the little spice racks and I got to work hanging them on the wall. I was going to paint them, but let’s not get crazy – who has that kind of time!

Here is a pic of the reading nook: (Money Spent $8)

Book Rack

And here is my bathroom shelves: (Money Spent $8)


I’m so proud of my accomplishments, as I never get a chance to complete any of the projects I pin on Pinterest! For 21 more inspiring pins on how to use these little $4 Spice Racks, click here!

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