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3 Craft Ideas to Turn Winter into Spring

By Adam Katz

By Adam Katz

Bringing spring into your home with fun and educational crafts can be a great way to help your kids beat the winter blues and use their imaginations. Below are three craft projects that are easy to do, fun for everyone and can help bring a bit of “spring” back into your step.

1. Yarn Birds’ Nests and ‘Magic’ Spring Eggs
To make yarn birds’ nests a ‘magical’ activity for your kids, you’ll need to set up your materials while your children are asleep. Place 2-3 wrapped chocolate/Easter eggs in a balloon. Blow up the balloon and place it in a bowl with the knot facing down (make sure that the balloon is not too taut so you can touch it without popping it). Also place yarn and a small bowl of white glue at your workspace. When your kids wake up in the morning, surprising them with spring themed pajamas or animal slippers like ladybugs, bumblebees or bunnies can help to get them excited about turning their home into a spring paradise!

Once your children have woken up and are ready to begin crafting, hand them safety scissors and help them to cut pieces of yarn that would fit all the way across the balloon. Make sure to only take out the scissors once you’re at your workplace, since leaving out sharp objects can be dangerous. Dip the yarn pieces in the glue and layer them across balloon to create a bird’s nest shape. Let dry for 24-48 hours.

Once the yarn has dried, pop the balloon, remove the yarn nests you have created, and yell excitedly to your kids to look inside the bowl. There, they’ll see that 2-3 eggs have suddenly appeared, as if birds have magically laid eggs in your yarn nest creations! Now your kids can hang their yarn nests in your house, fill them with tissue paper, and place the eggs inside. By decorating the eggs with googly eyes and a triangle construction paper nose, your kids can even ‘hatch’ the eggs into little chicks!

2. Tissue Paper Flowers
Having your children create tissue paper flowers and decorate your home with them can be a really fun way for them to experience springtime beauty early. Hand your kids safety scissors and help them to cut pieces of tissue paper 5 inches wide and 6-7 inches thick. Stack 12-15 of these pieces of tissue paper on top of one another. You can use all of the same colors in each stack or different colors. Fold each stack of paper into smaller even rectangles, with one rectangle on top of the other. Once you have created the piles of rectangular folded tissue paper, wrap the end of a pipe cleaner around the center of each pile. These pipe cleaners will be the stems of your flowers.

Using scissors, trim the ends of the tissue paper rectangles in a curved motion to create rounded edges. Carefully separate each layer of tissue paper by pulling the rounded edges upward and toward the center. Now, you’ll have created your petals, and your children will be ready to hang their flowers throughout your home!

3. Homemade Sky Mosaics
With simple materials that can be found at home, your children can create a beautiful mosaic sky on a piece of cardboard or construction paper just like they’d see on a sunny spring day. Your children can use glitter, scraps of paper from old magazines, fabric from old clothes, cotton balls, and other common materials on their canvas to create different blue, white and yellow hues. It’s important for an adult to supervise while children are creating their mosaic skies, since small objects can be choking hazards. Adding a smile in the mosaic suns using pieces of black tissue paper can help to brighten your children’s moods until the real the real spring sun arrives!

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean your children can’t have the same amount of fun that they’d have during the spring. With crafts like yarn birds’ nests, tissue paper flowers, and homemade mosaic skies, your children can enjoy hours of fun even during the colder months. Using their creativity and imaginations, your children can enjoy the spring’s warmth and beauty early.

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