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10 Summer Fun Outdoor Games

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1. Water Gun Game


Make a splash at your child’s party with a fun water game.
For each team, string a plastic bucket on a length of clothesline; make the lines the same length to be fair.
With the buckets at one end of the clothesline, arm each team with a hose or large squirt guns. Using only water, the teams must race to move their bucket to the other end of the line.

Tip: Make this game even wilder. Arm a team with water balloons to use as obstacles and distractions while the other team tries to push its bucket across the finish line.

2. Flower Tic-Tac-Toe


Nature is calling for a game of tic-tac-toe.

Set up simple tic-tac-toe boards on your lawn with small twigs or wooden dowels.
Provide flower heads from your garden, or let children explore your yard for flower heads, stones, leaves, or other bits of nature to use as game pieces.

Tip: Alert parents about your plans for an outdoor party and ask about their children’s allergies. Make sure to have silk flowers on hand, just in case.

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