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5 Household Uses for Castile Soap

By Renae Gylbert

By Renae Gylbert

The more aware we become of the chemicals loaded in commercial body washes, the more we should try to wean ourselves and our families off them. Synthetic chemicals in beauty products can irritate skin, causing breakouts and rashes. Some of these chemicals, like parabens and aluminum, have been linked to cancer. Who wants to rub that on their skin?

Castile soap is one of the most natural soaps out there. The base ingredient of this highly concentrated soap is olive oil and can be made with additional natural oils. But the more we use castile soap, the more we realize it can be used for everything! Maybe one day we could phase a lot more cleaning products from our homes and just stick to castile soap! You may be surprised with all that castile soap can wash away!

dishes-sink_300 (photo from

1. Dishes in the sink from last week: No one likes contending with week-old dishes in their sink! However, luckily there is a quick cure. Run some hot water in your sink and put a few drops of castile soap in your sink. Let as many dishes as you can fit soak in the water for a few hours. When you come back to wipe the crud clean, it will come off fairly easy because castile soap is so highly concentrated. Never mind extra moisturizers. It is pure soap in its most natural state; hence, its ability to cut through week old rotten food.

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2. Your Dirty Clothes: Castile soap cuts through nearly anything. Oil, food, dirt, wine and other stains can all be removed by castile soap. Even for a full load, a half a cup or less of castile soap will do an honorable job of getting the funk and stains out of your clothes. And for a deep clean wash, just as we saw with the dishes, after the water in the washing machine fills, let the clothes soak in the castile for a few minutes. This will allow the soap to work into stubborn stains.

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3. The interior and exterior of your car: Castile soap can surprisingly cut through many stains in a car. Children love to draw, color, and wipe their hands, feet and boogers on the cloth seats. Wiping those stains out can be a real chore. For real deep stains, let the soap sit for an hour. Invest in a heavy scrubber similar to a scrubber used to clean rims. It may take a few tries to get the stains out. For the exterior, half a cup of castile soap in a bucket is all that’s needed to clean a mid-size sedan.

carpet-stains-chicago-cleaning(photo from

4. Your carpet: Carpet stains simply cannot be avoided. When fresh stains hit a carpet, immediately grab the castile bottle and drop one or two drops onto the stain. Make sure the stain is completely covered and allow the castile soap to sit for several minutes. Take a clean washcloth or sponge and scrub the stain into oblivion! There may be more scrubbing over the course of a couple tries to remove older stains with castile. An additional cleaner may be necessary. For example, allow the castile soap to sit on the older stain for at least an hour. Then go over that stain with a stronger industrial cleaner if necessary.

bathroom_cleaning(photo from

5. Your bathroom: Clean the entire bathroom with just a few drops of castile soap on a washcloth! From the crud in the toilet to the ring in the bathtub, this soap will clean everything. The best way to clean a bathroom with castile soap is to tackle the dirtiest area first. Starting with the tub, squirt several drops of castile soap on a damp washcloth and get to work! With minimal scrubbing, the dirt will be removed very quickly. Clean shower scum on the walls and faucets with a simple wipe of the washcloth. When cleaning a toilet, squirt a few drops of the soap in the bowl. Let it sit for 15 minutes then take a toilet cleaner and wipe the crud away. Flush the residue and enjoy a clean commode again. 2 or 3 drops of castile soap will clean an entire sink as well.

Hello! I am Renae and I have blogged about women’s health for about 3 years. I have struggled with my own health complications and I get great when my articles help other women. I am also a single mom and inspiring author. One of my dreams is to write a book about helping single parents save and spend money wisely.

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