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Hello, my name is Mom and I’m Failing

A journey to get my family to stop eating S#@T!

A journey to get my family to stop eating S#@T!

Part of preparing for a big change is facing the facts about your past failures. In all brutal honesty, I’ve failed big time over the past few years. Not the self-loathing crawl into a hole type of failure, but certainly a big doozy. Are you ready for my confession? Here it goes, for the past few years I have fed my children terrible, sugary, fried, processed, all-but-nutritious food. I set out as a mom thinking that I would never be stuck making two dinners or raising children that dictate to ME what they will and will not eat. Well, news flash – I was wrong.


When the twins started eating real food (not baby food), I found out I was pregnant (gasp) with my beautiful little miracle that arrived just 9 months later. I was exhausted and really didn’t want to look at food, let alone cook amazing healthy meals, that would make my pediatrician proud. I started serving packaged muffins for breakfast, microwavable pancakes, easy french fries, hot dogs, processed chicken nuggets, I’ll STOP — you get the picture. Before I could say, “FAT FOOD,” my kids stopped eating all fruits and vegetables and would refuse even pizza if they thought it was dirty. (we are talking a spice here and there) You would think that would be enough for me to get my act together and turn this ship around, WRONG again. I kept it up and allowed them to tell me what they wanted to eat. If they wanted to make a day of eating nothing but goldfish, well fine and so be it. There are more important things in life, right?!? My three year old twins can count to 20 and my two year old is speaking in complete sentences. My home is filled with crafts and messes made while having fun. They are happy and well-mannered (mostly), these were the important things, right? Wow, I’m really making a habit out of being WRONG!


A few weeks ago, my husband and I started eliminating processed food from our diets. You would call our mission – Eating Clean. We replaced white bread with whole grain, switched to all natural peanut butter and ate snacks of raw almonds and hummus with carrots. After a few short days, we started feeling incredible! The pounds started falling off of me and my husband’s work at the gym was becoming clear as his muscles proudly cut in the most amazing ways. One day I went to the grocery store to pick up my healthy foods and stopped to talk to a woman in the meat department about the differences between cuts of beef. I told her I was eating clean and she curiously took one very disapproving look in my cart. (followed by a complete roll of the eyes) Sure I had fruits, veggies and grains in there but I also had white bread, muffins, and all that junky stuff I was feeding my kids. I quickly tried to defend myself by laughing and saying, “I really am eating clean, that’s just for my kids!” And then, like a slap in the face, came her judgement of me. She didn’t say a word, she didn’t have to. She simply found enough grace to give me a muted grin and wished me well. My husband and I were making a serious investment in our health and in our future on this earth. What message was I sending that I wanted all those benefits for us and not our three beautiful children? 


This leads us to where I am now. I am committed to fixing the failures of the past and it has to start today. It’s about time I took a look at what our family is consuming as a whole and to quit making excuses for why my kids are allowed to eat such awful things. I’ve begun researching nutritional requirements and uncovering what chemicals and fillers we were eating. I know my kids won’t exchange green beans for french fries willingly any time soon, but I have hope that one day I will look back and be proud of these changes.

I hope you that you will also consider what your family is eating and see if there is any room for improvement as well. If you need a kickstart, simply sit down and watch the movie Fed Up. If you are succeeding in this area of your life, I could use some encouragement and words of advice.

My next post will be about talking to my kids about having to change the foods that they are eating. Wish me luck!

Flawed and Embarrassed,


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