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Hello, My Name is Mom and I’m Taking Back Control

A journey to get my family to stop eating S#@T!

A journey to get my family to stop eating S#@T!

The first step for me was to face the fact that I am wrong to give my children food that is harming their health and not aiding in their growth. If you missed my first post, Hello My Name Is Mom and I am Failing, you can read it here and get the skinny on how this whole thing started.

I know what the end goal is, now I just need to figure out how to get us there. I had to begin by identifying a few things that I was doing that would prevent me from being successful. Here is what I’ve come up with so far:

1. I was not paying attention to portion sizes.

I started to log the things that my kids were eating each day. My first AHA! moment came when I looked at the liquids they were consuming. I logged that each day the twins would drink about 2.5 cups of 2% Organic Milk per day. Lucy would drink about 2.5 cups of Honest Kids Fruit Punch. When I looked up the recommended daily guidelines, I found that after age 2 it is recommended that parents switch to 1% or Skim Milk and to aim for 2 servings of Milk (.5 cups each) twice a day (if they are consuming other dairy products)*. The guidelines for juice is this, for children ages 1 to 6, intake of fruit juice should be limited to 4 to 6 ounces per day (about a half to three-quarters of a cup)*. No wonder they weren’t hungry, I was filling their bellies with too much liquid!


2. I was feeding them too many snacks.

If they were hungry and asked for goldfish, or pretzels, or a squeeze fruit (full of sugar) – I happily obliged. Why you ask? A) They are much nicer to me when they are not hungry. B) Who wants their child to starve? Especially, if they didn’t eat the meal that came before the snacks. I knew that if I wanted to change the snack routine in my house, I would have to first make it look like a fun thing to do! I went to my go-to inspiration starter, Pinterest, for some ideas and found the concept of a Snack Box!

Here is a pic of the Snack Box I created for my family: (I got the ice tray at the Dollar Store)


  1. Cheese
  2. Simply Ranch Dressing
  3. Organic Carrot Chips
  4. Organic Strawberries
  5. Organic Blueberries
  6. Mini Seedless Cucumbers
  7. Pretzel Sticks
  8. Cascadian Farm Organic Cinnamon Crunch
  9. Organic Red Grapes
  10. Mariani Yogurt Raisins
  11. Melissa’s Edamame Shelled
  12. Organic Bananas
  13. Whole Grain Goldfish
  14. Natural No Stir Peanut Butter

There is no rule on Snack Box contents, you should customize this to what you have in your fridge or what you like to eat. I know some might say some items in my Snack Box aren’t
“clean” or whatnot. All I can say is, my blog is called Hello, My Name is Mom – NOT – Hello, My Name is Perfect. I can make three Snack Boxes in less than five minutes, so if you think you don’t have time for this – YOU DO! (No more excuses, right?!?)

How I Got My Family On Board:

I called a family meeting at our dinner table. I started by saying that I loved them all so much that I needed to make some changes in the things that we all ate each day. (They all looked puzzled.) I explained to them what the word healthy meant and what they could expect from eating healthy foods.


Alas, I had gotten their attention with the part about running faster – of all things. Stella asked me how to eat healthy foods and I went to the fridge and pulled out my Snack Box. You would have thought I was uncovering gold by the look on their tiny faces. That was until they saw that the box of fun contained dreaded blueberries and cucumbers. “YUCK! EWWW! NO WAY! I DON’T EAT THAT,” began to erupt at the dinner table and I immediately redirected them to see the positive. I showed them the goldfish and the pretzels, I even made yogurt raisins sound like candy! Hook, line, and sinker – they bought what I was selling! All three girls began navigating the Snack Box with fascinated apprehension. When Madelyn (my pickiest eater) started raving about her new found love for “beans” (edamame), I just knew the daily VICTORY WAS MINE!

Here are the rules in our house about the Snack Box:


3. I gave my kids too much power over key decisions.

My last and final realization was that my babies are running my kitchen. (UGH!) How could I have let it get so out of hand? It didn’t happen over night and it certainly won’t change overnight either. This is where I have to find my backbone and stand firm. It’s hard to see struggle with the expectation to try new things. It is harder to see them eat junk that will harm their bodies far worse than the emotional stress of organic carrots and ranch.


  • Madelyn discovered a new love for Edamame!
  • I held them accountable to their Snack Boxes, despite the tantrums.
  • Each one of the girls tried Butternut Squash at dinner. (one nearly puked)
  • I feel like a better Mom when I know I am making these changes.
  • I got this blog written – this was a biggin’.
  • I’m figuring out that you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to act with the best of intentions.

Thanks so much for reading and leave me some feedback, pretty please. Are you going to try a Snack Box in your home? What realizations can you identify in your own family? I want to know your thoughts and see your Snack Box pictures! Don’t forget to tag: #hellomynameismom


* Milk Guidelines – Click Here for Source Info

*Juice Guidelines – Click Here for Source Info

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