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7 Tips for Stressed Moms on Handling Kids When Pregnant

Pregnancy is a difficult time and becomes more so if you are a mom to a toddler or a bunch of hyperactive kids. It is not possible to stay calm or go into a Zen-like trance when you are surrounded by screams, tantrums and noisy games. The first trimester of your pregnancy can be tiring, draining and in many cases, riddled with incessant bouts of puking.

So how do you keep the little ones in your life happy, engaged and out of trouble? And also manage to give some TLC to your over-worked body along the way? Each pregnancy is different so you probably are trying to gear up your coping mechanism to deal with the unexpected things you are facing this time around. Here are a few tips for you to ensure your pregnancy progresses safely, you manage stress better and keep your children out of your hair.

Keep Safe from a Meltdown

A queasy body, runaway moods and unmanageable children can very well make life at home unbearable for you.
– Refrain from adding on to the crazy state of affairs.
– The best you can do is to tie up the children, no, not literally!
– Scout for activities and coaching classes in your neighborhood that your kids would love to attend. If possible, try to find out which classes or play facilities offer pick up and drop off. Even if you pay slightly more for the additional service it will make your life a whole lot easier.
– Car-pools and shared shuttling duties also will make it easier for you to manage your children’s schedule.
– Be mindful that activities and coaching classes are expensive. Choose wisely and go for ones that your kids will truly enjoy and look forward to every week.

Have Some Fun

The physical and emotional demands of pregnancy may leave you sore and tired, but do take some time out to pursue a hobby.
– Reading is a great way to relax and put your feet up. It helps take your mind off the daily grind. It may even help you doze off!
– You can also use this time to bond with your baby. Reading out aloud and singing softly to your unborn child helps create an emotionally nurturing environment in the womb.
Try to do something that you really enjoy at least once every week. Hobbies are therapeutic and can help you cope with the demands of pregnancy and your young family.
– Even if you don’t have time to scrupulously follow a routine try to spend time doing something you love, whether it’s shopping, going to cinemas or simply spending some time with your girl pals.

Try Your Hand at Gardening

Gardening is an enjoyable, fun, relaxing and rejuvenating activity. You not only get to spend time outdoors and breathe in fresh air but you can also make use of this time to give a light workout to your body.
– Help your kids also have some fun with the gardening. You can allot patches to each of your children and make them responsible for how well their patch fares.
– But be careful while indulging your green thumb when pregnant.
– Mowing lawns is strenuous and docs advise pregnant women to stay away from pesticides and manure. Consider installing hypoallergenic landscape artificial grass that can make life a lot easier for you. Also, installing the same will mean you won’t have to bother about the house getting dirty with kids shuttling in and out of the house to play in the lawn.

Love Who You See in the Mirror

Your changing body may make your favorite clothes difficult to fit into. Most moms rarely find time to indulge in self-pampering.
– A new haircut and a manicure will surely help lift up your spirits. Shop for well-fitting clothes and accessories. Do make it a point to step out of the door once in a while and catch up on the elusive social scene that you were once a part of.
– Be aware that unkempt hair, dowdy clothes and morning sickness make for a horrible combination that could make you seriously unhappy. So try and do your best to work out the first two factors to better your pregnancy.
– Eat healthy, exercise lightly and do things that make you happy.

Seek Help

Catch your breath and understand what is driving up the stress levels.
– Enlist the help of a housekeeper who can come in a few times a week to help you with the piles of laundry and vacuuming. A clean and allergen-free home will definitely make you feel better.
– Call in a baby-sitter occasionally so that you can enjoy a romantic night out with your husband.
– Ask your friend or mom to help you with your weekend cooking. Cook multiple portions and freeze to make dinner time easier for the rest of the week.
– Ask your partner to take the kids out to the park or to the pool where they can work out their excess energy. This will help make things less exciting for all at home.
– Do not be shy of requesting your friends and family for assistance. More often than not they will be eager to be of help but are not sure exactly how to do it. Seeking help and not trying to do all of it yourself will help you feel less stressed.

Go Easy on It

It may not be possible for all of us to get help as and when we need. If that is the case with you, let things be for a while. If you do not feel up to cooking, grab a menu and ask for delivery from a restaurant near your home. Be mindful that you eat healthy and encourage your kids too to do the same.
– Crock pots are lifesavers. Stack up on some easy recipes and you will be happy to have some time off to yourself.
– Pregnancy can really sap you of your energy especially if you are a working woman. Try dividing the house cleaning and organizing chores among your family members, and be happy with whatever they manage to accomplish.
– Temper your expectations and standards regarding cleanliness and organization, and you will have less stress in your life.

Help Your Kids Feel Better

If you are stressed, it will rub off on your little ones as well. Studies show that children are intuitively tuned in to your feelings and will pick up tell-tale signs promptly.
– You do not want your kids to feel that their unborn sibling has made things tough at home.
– So take care of yourself and stay happy to make your pregnancy a happy one for the entire family.


Navigating through a pregnancy with a bunch of kids at home can put your life on a roller-coaster. Be responsible for your unborn baby, changing body and health. Prioritize your activities and ensure things work out smoothly for your kids. And as they say, ‘this too shall pass’!


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