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Tidewater Parent


Drone Parenting vs. Helicopter Parenting


In Helicopter Parenting, which has dominated for much of the last five years, parents hovered close to their kids at all times, ready to swoop in at the first sign of struggle or trouble. It led to playground and playdate monitoring, teachers closing classroom doors to perceived spying parents, sports coaches ending up in parental arguments, and kids being raised with at least one parent visible over their shoulders as they grew up.

With Drone Parenting, thanks to next-generation technological innovations, parents can keep a closer, more vigilant eye on their kids than ever before, but can do it by remaining unseen – flying high like a drone – but ready to strike when needed. From home or from work, parents can closely monitor their kids – all from just glancing down at their Smartphone.

Stacy DeBroff – Influence Central CEO, national parenting expert, and social media strategist

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