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Tooth Stages and Care Tips for Your Growing Baby

Your baby is going to go through so many developmental stages that it’s hard to keep track! One of those important developments is his or her teeth. Read about some of the things you’ll need to make sure your baby is on track.

Tooth Growth

You’re going to start to notice some baby teeth coming in at around 5 months. By the time they reach 12 months he or she will have a handful of baby teeth at the top and bottom of the mouth.



There will be some discomfort and pain during the stages of tooth development. Some symptoms will include swollen and red gums, excessive drooling, ear rubbing, sleepless nights, gum biting/sucking, excessive biting behavior, and overall restlessness and crankiness.

There are number of remedies to help your child go through this uncomfortable growth stage. Refrigerating the pacifier, teething rings in the freezer just long enough so it’s cold, a cold spoon to run along the gums or talk to your pediatrician about some other treatments. (via

baby crying teething

Caring for Your Baby’s Teeth

Before your baby’s teeth erupt, be sure to wipe down the gums after each feeding. It’s important to remember that healthy gums = healthy baby teeth. Dental visits begin around your child’s first birthday. Brush as soon as any tooth erupts, tooth decay can occur as early as the baby’s first tooth. All 20 baby teeth should arrive by age 3 in most children. (via

You will need to continue to care for your child’s teeth as more come in, and good dental hygiene habits that start young can affect how your children care for their teeth as they get older.

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