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Disney pulls costume that critics said mocked Polynesian culture


An animated film from Disney has sparked controversy more than a month before its release.

“Moana” is the story of a teen who sails the South Pacific to a fabled island. Along the way she meets Maui, a revered figure in Polynesian traditions. In time for Halloween, Disney released “Moana” themed costumes and clothing, including a Maui costume that some compared to blackface.

The costume, which has since been pulled from the Disney website store, was a long-sleeve brown shirt and long pants with full-body tattoos, a fake shark-tooth necklace and green leaf skirt. A child should not wear the skin of another race, Chelsie Haunani Fairchild said in a video she posted on Facebook. In an interview with The Associated Press, Fairchild said the costume didn’t honor a culture or person, but made fun of it.

Your turn: Did the costume honor or mock?

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