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Razor blades in candy: to fear or not to fear?

First it was a rumor.

Then came the anti-rumorists: “There have never been any official police reports! Where is all this coming from?” So eventually you became the sap for believing in a rumor with no basis (horrifying though it may be).

Up until last year, the anti-rumorists were winning. The few cases that were reported, upon investigation, were found to be reported under suspicious circumstances (the kid did it for attention, the parents did it for who-knows-what reason, etc).

Then in October 2015, a couple of children in a Michigan neighborhood legitimately found razors in their candy. And it wasn’t one of the aforementioned reasons.

Whatever story you want to believe, it’s probably not the worst thing to take extra caution when it comes to your kids’ candy. You can never be too careful when dealing with your most precious cargo.

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