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50 Things to Check Out at Norfolk Public Libraries

About the sponsor of this AltDaily post: The Norfolk Public Library (NPL) became the first free public library in Virginia in 1904, and its collection includes classic and popular items from the late 19th century to today. NPL offers access to information, books, programs, and online resources to meet the needs of our diverse community for life-long learning. The library system consists of one main library, ten branch libraries, one anchor branch library, and the Bookmobile. All NPL library programs are free and open to the public.

Slover Library | Courtesy of Coastal Virginia Magazine

No. 1 on the list? Exceptional children’s programs.

Local mom Erin Lindstrom recommends Babygarten and Toddler Time, and she loves that Slover offered free ballet classes earlier this year. “Play areas at each library are super cute– Slover and Pretlow are particularly noteworthy,” she said. 

For all the kid-centric programming at NPL, click here.

For all 50 of AltDaily editor Jesse Scaccia’s reasons to go to the library in Norfolk, please follow the link here.

Pretlow Library | Courtesy of


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